Talking to Myself About Kendal Calling

Kendal Calling

Kendal Calling

So  why did you go to Kendal Calling in 2012?

I’m a great Glastonbury fan. In 2012 Glastonbury had a year off so I was looking for a friendly festival that was more than a main stage, a tent and a fun fair surrounded by camping.

KC seemed to have the right ingredients of location, lineup, size and mix of music. You don’t win small festival of the year in 2010 And 2011 without doing something right.

So, did it live up to expectations and what were the good points?

It was a really really great festival. Was also able to indulge the artistic side by having a pit pass as I was taking photos for Louderthanwar. I did however buy my own ticket.

I went on Thursday and it was a quick and easy to get in, no big que to park. Paid a bit extra for Emperors fields so was able to park really close to the tent. The scale of the event is such that the distances from car to camping were relatively short compared to some places I’ve been to.

I never felt it was a crowded  festival, even for the headline sets. This was despite lifting the capacity in 2012 to 13,000. No change for 2013 although camping area has increased. The ground slopes up away from the main stage so you can get great sound and views without having to push to the front.Kendal_calling_2012_Inspiral_James-1987

It’s not a huge site so there are short distances between the 14 stages so you can easily hop from one to another without a long hike.

There is a great mix of people, I go on my own so I rely on a bit of social interaction. It seemed to attract the full gamut of festival goers. Thursday Night I was talking to a retired couple telling me how great Kendall calling was and how I also ought to go to Off The Tracks festival. I spent the last hours of Sunday with a really friendly group of students who had a great time and thought I ought to go to Leeds as well.  Plenty of kids and families. I nearly got run down by a large group of children doing “activities” with strange people on stilts.

Kendal_calling_2012_General-8954The bands are an equally eclectic mix,  Something for everyone. With so much going on, when I left on Sunday I felt there were plenty of places I hadn’t discovered. Only found the woodland stage late on Sunday. Lots to go back for.

Its not just music. Thursday started off with a strange guitar burning ceremony and a demonstration of fire juggling. Amazing how attractive pretty ladies juggling fire can be……………… or is it just me?

Fabulous fancy dress on Saturday, so many Snow Whites.

It really is a beautiful place to hold a festival.

Any bad points?

I had to leave on Sunday before seeing Craig Charles Funk & Soul Show show as I had work the next day.

I understand there was a bit of an issue with the loos one night in the main camping field. Organisers issued a sorry so hopefully it will be sorted for this year.

Are you going back?

Well it was V or Kendall Calling. No contest really, got my tickets for KC as soon as they went on sale.  Great line-up and that’s not just the headliners I’m looking forward to seeing. I saw The 1975 at Dot to Dot Manchester recently, KC is going to love these guys. Always wanted to see British Sea Power, I am Kloot are one of my top discoveries of the last year, Sea Sick Steve will have everybody rocking and I am looking forward to seeing Lucy Rose. Plenty of others over 14 stages so Clashes may be inevitable. Surprised it didn’t sell out straight away. A bit under pressure as not decided on movie related fancy dress outfit for this year.

This is a photo/music blog so what about photos this year?

Kendal_calling_2012_Inspiral_James-1913I was too slow to get the slot on Louderthanwar’s list but may ask nicely for pit pass if I can’t find anyone else to shoot for. Will be shooting for Glastonbury and at Ramsbottom festivals again this year so happy either way. KC have one of the best staff photography teams around so it is always good to see what they produce. Also a bit of an arts and media Academy thing going on and hopefully will get to see a presentation by photographer Dean Chakley (NME).

Kendal_calling_2012_General-0838Anything Else?

More photos here

Lineup here

Video here

Come and say hello and if you haven’t yet  BUY TICKETS HERE.


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