Ramsbottom Festival Angel Photo Finds Home


I took this photograph from the pit at Ramsbottom Festival in 2012. It was one of my favorites of the weekend. This angelic little lady was staring intently at the at the stage perched on her father’s shoulders. The light from the stage just caught her. A quick change of camera settings and a wide open aperture picked her out from the surrounding crowd and produced a gentle image, very different from the normal festival on the shoulder image.

Ramsbottom Festival is a beautiful family friendly boutique festival which this year featured headliners I am Kloot, Richard Hawley and the excellent Sinead O’Connor.  I was there again this year taking photographs for Louderthanwar and the festival. It was the last night of the 3 day event and I was in a tent overlooking the main stage draped in my camera gear. Two ladies approached, we spoke for a moment and then one asked are you Andrew Allcock?  Now my fame doesn’t normally extend past family and work colleagues so it took me by surprise. I did judge that this was not a moment requiring a false name and address followed by  a swift exit so I said yes. And so it was that I had met Claire, mother of the Rammyfest angel.

It appears that far from being tucked away this photo had recently been the subject of a show and tell at school. This is what Claire told me.

“you took a beautiful picture of my daughter last year. She had this week taken a copy of the picture to school to explain her coming weekends activities, She proudly announced that this was me at Ramsbottom Festival and that she was going again at the weekend” Claire showed me pictures on her phone of a slightly older Angel enjoying herself at the festival that day.

So now a high-resolution copy of the photograph, much larger than the copy above, is where it belongs.  Some photographs are of interest for a moment and then their impact is gone.  Now this image is with its family it has a special value that time will find hard to erode. Makes me happy.

You can see a larger version of the photo here and more photos from Rammyfest 2013 here

Taken with a Nikon D700 and Nikon 70-200 f2.8